Entrepreneurial Communities


To catalyze the shift from the Old Economy to the New Economy, Michigan communities are looking for ideas and ways to become more prosperous. LPI's Entrepreneurial Communities program is answering that need by providing the tools to encourage and promote the economic and strategic development of communities through the support of local entrepreneurs. The program is aligned with People and Land's (PAL) Sixth Pillar of Prosperity: Inclusive and Entrepreneurial Culture. PAL is co-directed by LPI and Public Sector Consultants.

The Entrepreneurial Communities program strives to grow Michigan's economy through community-based entrepreneurship; working directly with communities and wide networks of partners to develop those systems, to better understand entrepreneurship in the New Economy, and to attract and retain talent. Both education and entrepreneurial talent matter in this new global economy; they are critical to transforming both our culture and communities.


  • Creating Entrepreneurial Communities (CEC) Project: Funded by a grant from the USDA National Research Initiative, the program offers community coaching, resources and networking infrastructure for participating Michigan communities. 

  • ICE Meetings: The Mid-Michigan Innovation Club for Entrepreneurs (ICE) is a model for community entrepreneurship clubs. Meetings are held the second Wednesdays of every month in East Lansing.

  • Energizing Entrepreneurs (e2) Institute: This 2 day workshop for community teams provides an excellent foundation for launching a community-based program to become a more entrepreneurial community. (coming soon)

  • Student Entrepreneurship: Collaborative programs and opportunities for students in the MSU-Greater Lansing area are fostered to help them develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

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