Author: H. Charron Date: 6/2/2009

On Tuesday, May 26, 2009, Dr. Soji Adelaja, John A. Hannah Distinguished Professor in Land Policy and Director of LPI, spoke to members and prospective members of the Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association at a networking event in Ypsilanti. As part of his presentation, "MSU Land Policy Institute Renewable Energy Policy Program," Dr. Adelaja gave an overview of the new LPI program, along with various ways the program is involved in the policy arena, reports on wind energy that LPI has published and the Wind Prospecting Tool. He also focused on the importance of renewable energy in today's economic environment, Michigan's economic potential in the renewable energy industry, and the connection between agriculture and renewable energy.

Dr. Adelaja's presentation is available for download at Renewable Energy Program.

More on Renewable Energy from LPI:

Training Opportunity:
Michigan Citizen Planner offers workshop training in "Wind Energy Siting and Policy Issues." Each workshop covers:

  • The current status of wind energy development in Michigan
  • Important policy guidelines and new legislation
  • How wind business development works
  • Siting and zoning guidelines for wind power development
  • Key steps to develop and implement local zoning regulations
  • Essential resources, model codes and Michigan examples

The workshop can provide local officials, developers, farmers and other landowners with the tools and resources necessary to plan for wind energy development in their community. If your community is interested in hosting this workshop, contact Michigan Citizen Planner at cplanner@msu.edu or 517.432.7600.

Learn more about LPI's efforts in renewable energy.

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