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Author: C. Hansford Date: 10/1/2008


October 1, 2008

Dr. Soji Adelaja 

Catharine Hansford
517.432.8800 Ext. 111


East Lansing, MI--Michigan has the potential to become a big player in offshore wind energy, so says a new report released by the Land Policy Institute (LPI) at Michigan State University (MSU). The preliminary analysis finds that Michigan's portion of the Great Lakes has the capacity to produce 321,936 Megawatts of electricity from wind energy, a portion of which could be developed once depth, technology, view and environmental concerns are considered. Michigan's onshore wind potential was previously estimated at approximately 16,500 megawatts. The information provided by the new LPI report shows much more substantial opportunities for offshore wind energy.

"This result has the potential to elevate Michigan's wind energy profile nationally and internationally because the resource available is significant," said Dr. Soji Adelaja, John A. Hannah Distinguished Professor in Land Policy and director of the Land Policy Institute. "Michigan is one of few states with the opportunity to generate wind power from its offshore areas."

The report, titled "Michigan's Offshore Wind Potential," prepared by the Institute's Hannah Professor Research Program, incorporates data released in 2008 by AWS Truewind on Great Lakes wind resources with data on turbine spacing, potential turbine power generating capacity, and depth and shoreline distance scenarios. It also provides information on wind turbine build-out scenarios based on these parameters.

The report is intended to inform policy in the state about Michigan's additional wind power potential offshore and the need for state policies to guide offshore wind development.

Download the report, which is available on the Land Policy Institute website at Michigan's Offshore Wind Potential. Click on Downloadable Research for publications on Renewable Energy, Green Infrastructure, New Economy, Viable Agriculture and other studies, or learn more about the Land Policy Institute at  

The MSU Land Policy Institute focuses on research and outreach related to land use and strategic growth in the New Economy. The Institute delivers innovative solutions, transitioning knowledge from land use experts to the community. The Land Policy Institute was founded in 2006.


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